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Domain Names

Domain names are available at $16.95 a year.  You can renew annually, or renew for up to 10 (ten) years at a time. If you already have a domain name, you have accomplished the first step of having your own website.

Website Hosting Fees

Hosting is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. More important than the computer space that is provided for website files is the fast connection to the internet.  When you use a hosting service you are paying to buy the space on the internet to have your website live and available for people to access from their computers.

Webste hosting fees must be paid in advance. This fee is separate from the domain name, website design and maintenance fees, and needs to be renewed annually (along with your domain name) to keep your site active online. The fee to have your website online is currently $14.50/month for a total of $174.00/year prepaid hosting. 

Custom New Website Design or Re-Design

I am available to start a new custom design for your site, or I can also do a website re-design if you are looking for your current website to be enhanced and modernized. 

Please email me for current website design packages and prices.  I guarantee a great site, and rates reasonable to even the smallest company. Prices will vary depending on the size of the site that you need. For samples of some of the sites I have designed, please go to my Portfolio page.  For more information, or a current price sheet, please feel free to call me, or email me directly.

Included in all of my website packages are:

  • Custom Layout Design
  • Photo Editing (Includes scanning if needed at NO extra charge)
  • NO LIMIT on numbers of photos per page.
  • Custom Graphics
  • Website Statistics
  • Email Accounts (
  • Search Engine Optimization and Listing with Major Search Engine


Maintenance is just as it states, the updating and adding of photo or text that you may need to keep your site up to date.  I have two maintenance plans. My first plan is a flat rate for 12 months of service, up to two hours per month, prepaid annually or quarterly. This flat fee allows for up to two hours of maintenance per month, if the hours are not used, they do not transfer to the next month. After the two hours per month, the hourly rate applies. For more details, please ask for a price quote via email.

My second plan is for those customers with minimal updates needed after the initial design. For these customers, I offer an hourly rate of $35.00/hour, prorated in 15 minute increments. 

Special Incentives for Referrals:

  • Receive 2 MONTHS of FREE Hosting each calendar year for each referral that turns into a new client during that year. Up to 6 referrals per year, for entirely free hosting if those referrals turn into clients!!
  • After your first successful referral, 10% off future work on your websites with Sara Love Spinler Website Design.

I take my business serious, and am very meticulous once I have received website updates and/or changes, modification will be made within 48 hours of receipt.  I am not happy until you are happy.

Graphic Design

I now offer graphic design services.  Please inquire with your needs and I will give you a quote on services.  I am looking to expand on these services, so if you have any graphic work you would like me to do, just let me know.  I have added some samples to my Portfolio page as well.

My current services include:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Post Cards
  • Ad Design
  • Other Servces Available Upon Request

Please email me for a fee sheet or call.

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